We hope you enjoyed Turkey day (if you're from the states)! And if you're not from the states, we hope you had a wonderful end of November. Okay, so as per this link here… we are on a bit of a holiday break for the most part. It really [...]
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So gang, this is it. Issue 2 isn't done, but we are on holiday break. Please check out our facebook fan page for more info (or just click here for the direct post about the schedule updates). Pretty much, we're ‘out' for Issue 2 until January 29th, 2016, but it [...]
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Howdy folks. As you can tell, this is NOT a normal page of UTMNT… it is the basic inks to the second printing of UTMNT ISsue # 1 by Eryck! So yeah. No new normal page. I asked Eryck focus on the cover this week instead since [...]
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While things are not looking good for Mickey, things may not be looking good for Mako. Who are the other dudes circling around them? SPONSORS AS OF 10/30/2015: D.C. Harlow | Project-Nerd | JT Shea [...]
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